Stephen D. Kleban

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We are developing an Interoperable Distributed Simulation (IDSim) framework that builds upon the Open Grid Services Infrastructure (OGSI) to provide distributed simulation services to federated simulators. OGSI and Web technology standards provide novel opportunities for a domain-independent, distributed simulation framework to support extensibility by(More)
Summary form only given. In this paper we introduce the concept of computation-at-risk, CaR, a methodology, procedure, and quantity of computational risk and reward resulting from running a particular portfolio of jobs on a cluster under a specific queue policy. Modeled after value-at-risk, VaR, from the financial community, CaR introduces the new element(More)
This work expands upon our earlier work involving the concept of computation-at-risk (CaR). In particular, CaR refers to the risk that certain computations may not get done within a timely manner. We examine a number of CaR distributions on several large clusters. The important contribution of This work is that it shows that there exist CaR-reducing(More)
SmartWeld is a concurrent engineering system that integrates product design and processing decisions within an electronic desktop engineering environment. It is being developed to provide designers, process engineers, researchers and manufacturing technologists with transparent access to the right process information, process models, process experience and(More)
During the commiseioning of an accelerator, rtorage ring, or beam transfer line, one of the important task6 of an accelerator physicist b to check the &&-order optic6 of the beam line and to look for errors in the 6y6tem. Conceptually, it is important to distinguish between technique6 for finding the machine errors that are the cowc of the problem and(More)
Computer archives of scientific and engineering knowledge must insure the accuracy, completeness, and validity of their contents. Unfortunately, designers of these sites often overlook the social and cognitive context of scientific activity in favor of highly distilled collections of theoretical findings and technical data, divorcing scientific information(More)