Stephen D. Holmes

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The temporal representation of speechlike stimuli in the auditory-nerve output of a guinea pig cochlea model is described. The model consists of a bank of dual resonance nonlinear filters that simulate the vibratory response of the basilar membrane followed by a model of the inner hair cell/auditory nerve complex. The model is evaluated by comparing its(More)
Fermilab is in the midst of a program to raise the luminosity in the Tevatron proton-antiproton collider by at least a factor of five above the currently achieved level of 1.6×1031 cm-2sec-1. Components of this program include the construction of a new synchrotron, the Main Injector, a new antiproton storage ring, the Recycler, and a variety of improvements(More)
Mistuning a harmonic produces an exaggerated change in its pitch. This occurs because the component becomes inconsistent with the regular pattern that causes the other harmonics (constituting the spectral frame) to integrate perceptually. These pitch shifts were measured when the fundamental (F0) component of a complex tone (nominal F0 frequency = 200 Hz)(More)
OBJECTIVE The Siglec family of proteins consists of at least 10 members with immunoglobulin and lectin domains and with similar sialic acid-binding properties. Many Siglec family members are expressed on hematopoietic cells and are involved in cell/cell interactions. Some family members are suspected of regulating cellular processes through specific(More)
Asynchrony is an important grouping cue for separating sound mixtures. A harmonic incremented in level makes a reduced contribution to vowel timbre when it begins before the other components. This contribution can be partly restored by adding a captor tone in synchrony with, and one octave above, the leading portion of the incremented harmonic [Darwin and(More)
Onset asynchrony is an important cue for segregating sound mixtures. A harmonic of a vowel that begins before the other components contributes less to vowel quality. This asynchrony effect can be partly reversed by accompanying the leading portion of the harmonic with an octave-higher captor tone. The original interpretation was that the captor and leading(More)
A harmonic that begins before the other harmonics contributes less than they do to vowel quality. This reduction can be partly reversed by accompanying the leading portion with a captor tone. This effect is usually interpreted as reflecting perceptual grouping of the captor with the leading portion. Instead, it has recently been proposed that the captor(More)
Cochlear implants are prosthetic devices used to provide hearing to people who would otherwise be profoundly deaf. The deliberate addition of noise to the electrode signals could increase the amount of information transmitted, but standard cochlear implants do not replicate the noise characteristic of normal hearing because if noise is added in an(More)
We report measurements of the electroproduction of single charged pions from hydrogen and deuterium targets for values of e in the range 0.35 & e & 0.45. Data were taken with a hydrogen target at the (W, Q ) points (2.15 GeV, 1.2 GeV'), (2.65, 2.0), (2.65, 3.4), (2.65, 6.0), and (2.65, 10.0). Data were taken with a deuterium target at the (8', Q ) points(More)