Stephen D. Crocker

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This paper is a progress report on an experimental system, the state delta verification system (SDVS), for verifying microcode correctness. The goal of this project is to solve some of the problems, both theoretical and engineering, obstructing the realization of a usable and applicable program for checking proofs of microcode correctness. The ideal result(More)
A language for describing multiprocessor systems is presented. The language, called MPDL, provides a flexible and unambiguous model of concurrency and allows for hierarchical construction of concurrent systems. MPDL encourages the user to encapsulate interprocess synchronization and communication in a special component called a connector. This encapsulation(More)
—On the contemporary Internet, the DNS services for many domain names are operated by parties other than the registrant of the domain name. If a registrant wishes to move the domain name's DNS operations from one party to another, several different actors need to coordinate their actions. While this has always been true, the addition of DNSSEC signatures(More)
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