Stephen D Cosgrove

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Molecular packing in two polymorphs of sibenadet hydrochloride (AR-C68397AA, Viozan™) is investigated using a combined experimental (1) H double-quantum (DQ) solid-state magic-angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance and computational (gauge including projected augmented wave calculation of chemical shifts) approach. For Form I, NH-NH and NH-OH (1) H DQ(More)
OBJECTIVES The role of calcium phosphate and pyrophosphate crystals in osteoarthritis (OA) is unclear: are they a symptom of the damage that occurs to the joint or a key intermediate in the progression of inflammation and joint damage that occurs in OA? The proinflammatory and catabolic response of synthetic calcium phosphate and pyrophosphate crystals and(More)
Three polymorphs of sibenadet hydrochloride (AR-C68397AA, Viozan) have been shown to exist at ambient temperature and have been characterized. Each undergoes a solid-state transition to a common high temperature form, which melts at approximately 220 degrees C. X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) indicates that Polymorphs I and II share a similar layered(More)
Introduction The growing availability of relatively low cost computer hardware and software has opened up new options for information graphics design and production. Static graphics have been the primary focus of attention as well as the primary medium for representing information. The static graphic will continue to dominate information graphics because it(More)
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