Stephen Corich

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The use of discussion forums as a means of promoting collaboration and interaction between distance education students is increasing as a result of the growing popularity of online learning. The transcripts of these discussion forums have provided researchers an opportunity to analyse the interactions between participants and investigate evidence of(More)
The book is loosely structured around the ADDIE (Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate) instructional design process. Relevant articles that include business world case studies, learning theories, systems theory, and management theories and practices in a variety of commercial environments illustrate the steps within the process. The book(More)
This paper revisits the debate concerning the development environment that should be used to teach server-side Web Application Development to undergraduate students. In 2002, following an industry based survey of Web developers, a decision was made to adopt an open source platform consisting of PHP and MySQL in favour of a Microsoft platform utilising(More)
Learning is existential, and so its study must be complex and interdisciplinary. Over the past centuries, researchers from different fields have developed many theories to explain how humans and animals learn and behave, i.e., how they acquire, organize, and deploy knowledge and skills. Basically, learning is defined as a relatively permanent change in(More)
I have always believed in using case studies to enhance the student learning experience, and I continually look for practical ways to engage students in the learning process. This year I saved several thousand dollars by importing a used car from Japan, and at the same time I used the process to provide an interesting real world case study for my e-commerce(More)
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