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We consider a form of state-dependent drift condition for a general Markov chain, whereby the chain subsampled at some deterministic time satisfies a geometric Foster-Lyapunov condition. We present sufficient criteria for such a drift condition to exist, and use these to partially answer a question posed in [1] concerning the existence of so-called 'tame'(More)
Hydrogenated amorphous Si (a-Si:H) is an important solar cell material. Here we demonstrate the fabrication of a-Si:H nanowires (NWs) and nanocones (NCs), using an easily scalable and IC-compatible process. We also investigate the optical properties of these nanostructures. These a-Si:H nanostructures display greatly enhanced absorption over a large range(More)
Nanoscience provides many strategies to construct high-performance materials and devices, including solar cells, thermoelectrics, sensors, transistors, and transparent electrodes. Bottom-up fabrication facilitates large-scale chemical synthesis without the need for patterning and etching processes that waste material and create surface defects. However,(More)
Adult onset leukodystrophy with neuroaxonal spheroids is an uncommon cause of dementia. Both hereditary (autosomal dominant) and sporadic cases have been described. A 41-year-old African woman presented with inappropriate behavior and personality change consistent with frontal lobe dysfunction. MRI demonstrated diffuse frontoparietal white matter signal(More)
We have developed a general method for assembling colloidal particles into one-dimensional lines of single particle thickness. Well-spaced, parallel single particle lines can be readily deposited on a substrate from a dilute Langmuir-Blodgett particle monolayer via a stick-slip motion of the water-substrate contact line. The particle density within the(More)
We report the synthesis of monodisperse Pt nanocrystals with three different shapes-cubes, cuboctahedra, and octahedra, selectively, with similar sizes of 9-10 nm by a modified polyol process. We found that addition of silver ion enhances the crystal growth rate along 100, and essentially determines the shape and surface structure of the Pt nanocrystals.(More)
THE WORLD Health Organization (WHO) estimated a prevalence of 650 000 cases of multidrug-r esistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in 2010. Although efforts to improve cure rates in drug-resistant TB are vital, the global average reported cure rate was 53%. 1 Meanwhile, at least 150 000 deaths occur annually due to MDR-TB. 2 Efforts to provide palliative and(More)
Accurately measuring the bulk minority carrier lifetime is one of the greatest challenges in evaluating photoactive materials used in photovoltaic cells. One-photon time-resolved photoluminescence decay measurements are commonly used to measure lifetimes of direct bandgap materials. However, because the incident photons have energies higher than the bandgap(More)