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This study describes how bkaR, a highly conserved mycobacterial TetR-like transcriptional repressor, regulates a number of nearby genes that have associations with branched-chain keto-acid metabolism. bkaR (MSMEG_4718) was deleted from the nonpathogenic species Mycobacterium smegmatis, and changes in global gene expression were assessed using microarray(More)
Sorting of luminal and membrane proteins into phagosomes is critical for the immune function of this organelle. However, little is known about the mechanisms that contribute to the spatiotemporal regulation of this process. Here, we investigated the role of the proneurotrophin receptor sortilin during phagosome maturation and mycobacterial killing. We show(More)
Despite the essential role of dendritic cells in the priming of immune responses, the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in regulating apoptosis and survival of dendritic cells are still poorly documented. Experimental data has suggested that activation of dendritic cells through either T cells or by engagement of pathogen-associated molecular(More)
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