Stephen C. Purcell

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The Pilot operating system is designed for the personal computing environment. It provides a basic set of services within which higher-level programs can more easily serve the user and/or communicate with other programs on other machines. Pilot omits certain functions sometimes associated with “complete” operating systems, such as(More)
Dynamic susceptibility contrast magnetic resonance imaging (DSC MRI) can be used to generate high resolution maps of cerebral blood volume (CBV). To determine the test-retest reliability, CBV was measured in eight volunteers on two occasions, separated by 4 weeks. The mean ratio (scan 2/scan 1) for 72 cortical regions of interest (ROIs) was 1.03, with a(More)
PURPOSE To provide a detailed account of the location of the long head of the biceps (LHB) tenodesis tunnels using an all-arthroscopic suprapectoral technique in a prospective group of patients. These patients were then compared with a retrospective group of open subpectoral tenodesis patients of similar characteristics. METHODS Postoperative radiographs(More)
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