Stephen Brady

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Many individuals living with HIV have been exposed to some type of traumatic event during their lives and may be living with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A substantial number of these individuals are also likely to show evidence of a co-morbid substance use disorder (SUD). There is reason to believe that the co-occurrence of HIV and(More)
This study assessed adherence to HAART among 67 HIV-infected adults, and the degree to which gender and psychological factors—including depression, drug and alcohol use, quality of life, and medication side effects—influenced adherence. Although overall adherence was greater than rates reported in similar studies, no significant difference in adherence was(More)
Previous research has been inconsistent in documenting a strong relationship between depression and HIV/AIDS, although a recent meta-analysis of studies examining this issue indicates that rates of depression are modestly higher for this population. For the current study, conducted from 2001-2004, we sought to examine rates and types of depressive symptoms(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Emerging evidence raises the possibility of an association between depression and stroke risk. This study sought to examine whether depressive symptoms are associated with an increased risk of cerebrovascular events in a community-based sample. METHODS A prospective study was conducted on 4120 Framingham Heart Study participants(More)
Over the past several years, the proportion of all cases of AIDS in the United States among adult and adolescent women has more than tripled from 7% in 1985 to 23% in 1998. Information obtained in the present study suggests that care providers need to be aware of the unique life circumstances of women with AIDS, which may predispose them to a number of(More)
Emerging data suggests that as children, gay males have an increased risk for physical and sexual abuse. Anecdotal evidence suggests that a significant subset of children abused by clergy identify as gay as adults. However, we know very little about the impact of clergy-perpetrated sexual abuse in childhood on the development and psychosocial functioning of(More)
The treatment of “dual diagnosis”, co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness, calls for addressing two serious and often confounding problems. The authors introduce an expanded version of the transtheoretical model of change as formulated by J.O. Prochaska and C.C. DiClemente, and suggest that this new version offers a pragmatic approach to the(More)
In this paper, we describe a non-adhoc approach to building an SNMP protocol object for the Protocol Independent Management Information Base (PIMIB). In [5], the design of a protocol independent MIB agent is proposed which can support both SNMPandCMIP.Then, in [9], we present the implementation of PIMIB, which provides not only management protocol(More)