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You may order additional copies of this publication by sending your mailing information in label form through one of the following media. Please specify the publication title and series number. Abstract This technical document supports the Forest Service's requirement to assess the status of renewable natural resources as mandated by the Forest and(More)
Immunisation programs are designed to reduce serious morbidity and mortality from influenza, but most evidence supporting the effectiveness of this intervention has focused on disease in the community or in primary care settings. We aimed to examine the effectiveness of influenza vaccination against hospitalisation with confirmed influenza. We compared(More)
A simple regional habitat model founded on the relation between vertical habitat complexity and species richness has been used to describe wildlife habitat in response to macroscale patterns in land use and land cover. While the model has a basis in ecological theory, it has not been subjected to rigorous testing. We evaluated the model's fundamental(More)
Raising awareness of the issues of hunger, poverty and their impact on the American people through scholarly research and public debate is a primary goal for the Sodexo Foundation. Part of Sodexo's commitment to improving the quality of life, this study is the third in a series sponsored by the Sodexo Foundation and conducted by the Center on Poverty and(More)
In this paper, we describe a non-adhoc approach to building an SNMP protocol object for the Protocol Independent Management Information Base (PIMIB). In [5], the design of a protocol independent MIB agent is proposed which can support both SNMP and CMIP. Then, in [9], we present the implementation of PIMIB, which provides not only management protocol(More)
system The convergence of the telecommunication and information technologies brings a real revolution to the communications world and hence in the way that people interact and communicate with each other. With the development of the World Wide Web technology for browsing and navigating through the Internet, complemented by the global telecommunication(More)