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Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to regularization based methods for sparse signal reconstruction (e.g., basis pursuit denoising and compressed sensing) and feature selection (e.g., the Lasso algorithm) in signal processing, statistics, and related fields. These problems can be cast as -regularized least-squares programs (LSPs), which can be(More)
We propose a new method of power control for interference limited wireless networks with Rayleigh fading of both the desired and interference signals. Our method explictly takes into account the statistical variation of both the received signal and interference power, and optimally allocates power subject to constraints on the probability of fading induced(More)
We consider the problem of choosing a set of k sensor measurements, from a set of m possible or potential sensor measurements, that minimizes the error in estimating some parameters. Solving this problem by evaluating the performance for each of the (<sub>m</sub> <sup>k</sup>) possible choices of sensor measurements is not practical unless m and k are(More)