Stephen Beckley

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A series of 12 trials of scar associated with scar rupture is reviewed. Uterine activity patterns were assessable in 10 of them. Clinical features and characteristics of the intrauterine pressure waveform and uterine activity are discussed in relation to the integrity of the scar.
The plasminogen activator content of the extracts of excise prostate cancers (25 specimens) was determined with an azocasein assay and found to be on the average 1.7 times higher than that of extracts of excised prostate benign hyperplasias (29 specimens). Both groups contained the same average percentage of human urokinase type activator (approximately(More)
To determine the auditory toxicity effects of long-term cis-dichlorodiammineplatinum II therapy, pure tone hearing thresholds were measured prior to therapy and repeated before each subsequent treatment. CDDP was given by a slow intravenous drip method at a low dose of 1 mg/kg body weight, with 37.5 gm mannitol, once a week for six treatments and every 3(More)
Budget cuts to education, reduction of school health services and an increase in the nursing needs of school-age children have placed pressure on school nurses to delegate nursing procedures to assistive personnel. This paper reports on a study of school nurses in a Midwestern state. Nurses reported refusing to delegate, delegating against their better(More)
Parallel coils at both the transmitter and receiver can be used to offer more control over the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, and this implementation has potential to improve the performance in high-field MRI. A new MSE-based EXcitation Pattern (MSE-EXP) design for image reconstruction in parallel transmit and receive SENSitivity Encoding (pTxRx(More)
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