Stephen Bay

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Classifying nodes in networks is a task with a wide range of applications. It can be particularly useful in anomaly and fraud detection. Many resources are invested in the task of fraud detection due to the high cost of fraud, and being able to automatically detect potential fraud quickly and precisely allows human investigators to work more efficiently.(More)
In recent years, there have been several large accounting frauds where a company's financial results have been intentionally misrepresented by billions of dollars. In response, regulatory bodies have mandated that auditors perform analytics on detailed financial data with the intent of discovering such misstatements. For a large auditing firm, this may mean(More)
For many applications, data mining systems are required to detect anomalous (abnormal, unmodeled, or unexpected) observations. This has so far proven to be a difficult challenge because anomalies are usually considered to be "non-normal" observations, where "normality" is typically defined by very complex concepts. Because of these and other reasons, there(More)
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