Stephen Baugh

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Sub]amily Brachylaeminae JoYEux and FoLv.~, 1930 B r a c h y l a e m u s r a t t i sp. nov. Over a dozen specimens of this species were obtained from the intestine of a common house rat, Rattus rattus (LINNAEUS) at Banaras, U.P. The body (Fig. l) is elongated, linguiform, both ends being round, and measures 3.26--5.77 mm in length and 0.75--1.23 mm in(More)
Terrorism threatens horrific loss of life, extensive disruption to city transport and damage to commercial real estate. Vehicles provide an ideal delivery mechanism because they can be meticulously prepared well in advance of deployment and then brought into the area of operations. Furthermore, a real and present danger comes from the threat of Chemical,(More)
Three new species of strigeid metacercariae viz., Neascus hoffmani n. sp., Neascus nanaksagarensis n. sp. and Tetracotyle aglandulata n. sp. are described here from a fresh-water fish, Xenentodon cancilla (Ham.); of these, the former two resemble N. xenentodoni PANDEY, 1970 as well as N. hepatica CHAKRABARTI, 1970 while the latter one T. xenentodoni(More)
Membranes and envelopes around the embryos in eggs of Cotugnia digonopora and Raillietina (R.) echinobothrida have been studied in detail. This is the first study giving details of the egg-shell of a Cotugnia species. There are 3 membranes and an equal number of envelopes around the embryos in eggs of C. digonopora , while there are 2 membranes and only one(More)