Stephen B. Webb

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Front-projection displays are a cost-effective and increasingly popular method for large format visualization and immersive rendering of virtual models. New approaches to projector tiling, automatic calibration, and color balancing have made multiprojector display systems feasible without undue infrastructure changes and maintenance. As a result,(More)
Front-projection display environments suffer from a fundamental problem: users and other objects in the environment can easily and inadvertently block projectors, creating shadows on the displayed image. We introduce a technique that detects and corrects transient shadows in a multi-projector display. Our approach is to minimize the difference between(More)
We introduce the publicly available Open Development for Video Surveillance (ODViS) system that is specifically designed to support ongoing research in tracking and video surveillance. The system provides researchers with the ability to prototype tracking and event recognition techniques, to construct and manage ground truth data sets, and to evaluate the(More)
Multiprojector display is emerging as a viable approach to constructing novel display systems. Because the pixels generated by each projector are physically disjoint from the projector/PC and other infrastructure, new display surface geometries can be explored. Of course, new technical barriers related to multi-projector tiling, geometric warping, and(More)
COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ACM May 2001/Vol. 44, No. 5 57 Digital libraries house media of ever-increasing complexity, from models of statues to virtual archeological landscapes. Future digital archives will only increase in resolution and complexity as acquisition hardware improves and data becomes more intricate. Although digital content is constantly(More)
Front-projection display systems suffer from a fundamental problem: the user can easily and inadvertently block the projector, creating shadows. The framework we present in this paper enables a front-projected display system to solve this problem and remove display surface shadows in real-time. Shadows are an example of radiometric inconsistencies, which(More)
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