Stephen B. McMahon

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An implantable neural interface capable of reliable long-term high-resolution recording from peripheral nerves has yet to be developed. Device design is challenging because extracellular axonal signals are very small, decay rapidly with distance from the axon, and in myelinated fibres are concentrated close to nodes of Ranvier, which are around 1 mum long(More)
Microelectrode arrays (MEAs) are designed to monitor and/or stimulate extracellularly neuronal activity. However, the biomechanical and structural mismatch between current MEAs and neural tissues remains a challenge for neural interfaces. This article describes a material strategy to prepare neural electrodes with improved mechanical compliance that relies(More)
Previously we reported a finite-element model that predicted that microchannels could be sensitive recording devices, amplifying the extracellular signal as action potentials pass through them, and making recording independent of node of Ranvier location. Here, we present an in vitro experimental study that validates these predictions and also demonstrates(More)
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