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the widespread use of computers in the bio-medical domain, a vast, rich range of biomedical data, including coded data, as well as free-text data has been stored in digital format. Computer applications can interpret coded data automatically while free-text data pose challenges to system developers. To enable access to free text in the biomedical domain,(More)
Many interventions to improve the success of information technology (IT) implementations are grounded in behavioral science, using theories, and models to identify conditions and determinants of successful use. However, each model in the IT literature has evolved to address specific theoretical problems of particular disciplinary concerns, and each model(More)
OBJECTIVES This study sought to design and validate a reliable instrument to assess the quality of physician documentation. DESIGN Adjectives describing clinician attitudes about high-quality clinical documentation were gathered through literature review, assessed by clinical experts, and transformed into a semantic differential scale. Using the scale,(More)
Medical scientists and public health policy makers are increasingly concerned that the scientific discoveries of the past generation are failing to be translated efficiently into tangible human benefit. This concern has generated several initiatives, including the Clinical Research Roundtable at the Institute of Medicine, which first convened in June 2000.(More)
During the past several years, social network analysis methods have been used to model many complex real-world phenomena, including social networks, transportation networks, and the Internet. Graph theoretic methods, based on an elegant representation of entities and relationships, have been used in computational biology to study biological networks;(More)
At Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, free-text "Signout" notes are typed into the electronic record by clinicians for the purpose of cross-coverage. We plan to "unlock" information about adverse events contained in these notes in a subsequent project using Natural Language Processing (NLP). To better understand the requirements for parsing, Signout(More)
The clinical research infrastructure of the United States is currently at a critical crossroads. To leverage the enormous biomedical research gains made in the past century efficiently, a drastic need exists to reengineer this system into a coordinated, safe, and more efficient and effective enterprise. To accomplish this task, clinical research must be(More)
Physicians' information needs routinely arise during their practice. Several studies have demonstrated that a useful way to understand the nature of the needs is to examine questions posed by physicians during the course of medical care. This paper presents an analysis of clinical questions collected when physicians were engaged in reviewing clinical cases.(More)