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An examination of 513 known pre-miRNAs and 237 other RNAs (tRNA, rRNA, and mRNA) revealed that miRNAs were significantly different from other RNAs (p < 0.001). miRNA genes were less conserved than other RNA genes, although their mature miRNA sequences were highly conserved. The A+U content of pre-miRNAs was higher than non-coding RNA (p < 0.001), but lower(More)
HIV progression is characterized by immune activation and microbial translocation. One factor that may be contributing to HIV progression could be a dysbiotic microbiome. We therefore hypothesized that the GI mucosal microbiome is altered in HIV patients and this alteration correlates with immune activation in HIV. 121 specimens were collected from 21 HIV(More)
An increase in nanomaterial applications will likely lead to an increased probability of environmental exposures, raising concerns regarding the safety of these materials. Recent studies have indicated that manufactured nanomaterials, such as metal oxides, have the potential to be harmful to aquatic and terrestrial organisms. The majority of nano-metal(More)
Storm surge associated with Hurricane Katrina and the breach of levees protecting New Orleans, Louisiana allowed floodwaters from Lake Pontchartrain to inundate 80% of the city. Environmental samples were collected during September 16-18, 2005 to determine immediate human and wildlife health hazards from pathogens and toxicants in the floodwaters. Baseline(More)
To evaluate the efficacy of green tea polyphenols (GTPs) in modulating aflatoxin B(1) (AFB(1)) biomarkers, a total of 352 serum samples and 352 urine samples collected from a 3 month chemoprevention trial with 500 mg GTPs, 1000 mg GTPs and a placebo were measured for AFB(1)-albumin adducts (AFB-AA), aflatoxin M(1) (AFM(1)) and aflatoxin B(1)-mercapturic(More)
The 25000 playa wetlands within the Southern High Plains (SHP) of the United States of America (USA) are the dominant hydrogeomorphic feature in the region, providing habitat for numerous plants and wildlife. The SHP are among the most intensively cultivated regions; there are concerns over the degradation and/or loss of playa wetland habitat. We examined(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare healing outcomes at a wound healing centre both before and after the introduction of molecular pathogen diagnostics. METHOD An IT consultant was recruited to analyse the medical records of patients at a wound healing centre, comparing patient groups from 2007 and 2009 - before and after the introduction of comprehensive molecular(More)
Global and regional climate models predict higher air temperature and less frequent, but larger precipitation events in arid regions within the next century. While many studies have addressed the impact of variable climate in arid ecosystems on plant growth and physiological responses, fewer studies have addressed soil microbial community responses to(More)
Natural perchlorate is believed to be of atmospheric origin, yet no systematic study has been conducted to evaluate perchlorate deposition rate and possible seasonal or spatial variations. This study evaluated perchlorate concentrations in weekly composite wet deposition samples acquired through the National Atmospheric Deposition Program from 26 sites(More)
The Double Mountain Fork Brazos River (Texas, USA) consists of North (NF) and South Forks (SF). The NF receives urban runoff and twice-reclaimed wastewater effluent, whereas the SF flows through primarily rural areas. The objective of this study was to determine and compare associations between standard water quality variables and ichthyotoxicity at a(More)