Stephen Asante-Poku

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The variability of P-glycoprotein expression between individuals is linked to a C3435T polymorphism of the human MDR1 gene. Concentration of P-glycoprotein in intestinal epithelial cells and in a subset of lymphoid cells is substantially lower in people with the T/T genotype than those with the C/C genotype. We compared allele frequencies of the C3435T(More)
The chloride channel ClC-Kb is expressed in the basolateral cell membrane of the distal nephron and participates in renal NaCl reabsorption. Loss-of-function mutations of ClC-Kb lead to classic Bartter syndrome, a rare salt-wasting disorder. Recently, we identified the ClC-Kb polymorphism, which confers a strong gain-of-function effect on the ClC-Kb(More)
The data on differences in the metabolic handling of the CYP2D6 probe drugs sparteine and debrisoquine, and the relationship between phenotype and genotype and gene frequencies for several mutant CYP2D6 alleles in African populations are limited and sometimes controversial. Therefore, in a West African population (Ghana), we investigated (i) the phenotype(More)
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