Stephen Andrew Spencer

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Despite the fact that pulse oximetry has become an essential technology in respiratory monitoring of neonates and paediatric patients, it is still fraught with artefacts causing false alarms resulting from patient or probe movement. As the shape of the plethysmogram has always been considered as a useful visual indicator for determining the reliability of(More)
HYPOTHESIS Senior hospital clinicians are poorly engaged with clinical coding and hospital episode statistics (HES). AIMS  ▸ To understand the current level of clinical engagement with collection of national data and clinical coding. ▸ To gain the views of frontline staff on proposed improvements to hospital statistics. ▸ To gain an indication of likely(More)
A school-based survey was undertaken to assess prevalence and infection intensity of schistosomiasis in school-aged children in the Marolambo District of Madagascar. School-aged children from six purposively selected schools were tested for Schistosoma haematobium by urine filtration and Schistosoma mansoni using circulating cathodic antigen (CCA) and(More)
Patients with significant degrees of immunocompromise, such as cancer, AIDS and large burns, who have received significant amounts of antibiotics, may develop infections with yeast organisms. Over a 3-year period, all patients with positive fungal blood cultures and most wounds of patients with large burns considered to be a risk of yeast infection were(More)
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