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Antibodies are key reagents in biology and medicine, but commercial sources are rarely recombinant and thus do not provide a permanent and renewable resource. Here, we describe an industrialized platform to generate antigens and validated recombinant antibodies for 346 transcription factors (TFs) and 211 epigenetic antigens. We describe an optimized(More)
Studies using event-related brain potentials (ERPs) to examine feedback processing in gambling tasks have focused almost exclusively on components elicited between 200 and 500ms after feedback over the frontal-central region of the scalp (i.e., P2, feedback negativity (FN), and P3a). In contrast, studies examining the functional neuroanatomy of feedback(More)
—The creation of precise three dimensional geometric models produced from visual information from low cost smart devices has many potential applications. There is a need to establish the capability of such devices, to determine if they are suitable. We explain how a typical smart device could be used in the creation of precise 3D geometric models from(More)
We examined age-related differences in the spatiotemporal distribution of event-related brain potentials (ERPs) related to feedback processing in a virtual blackjack game. The behavioral data revealed that older adults were less risk seeking than younger adults both within and across trials. Age-related differences were observed in the amplitude of several(More)
BACKGROUND Screening for acute stress is not part of routine trauma care owing in part to high variability of acute stress symptoms in identifying later onset of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The objective of this pilot study was to assess the sensitivity, specificity, and power to predict onset of PTSD symptoms at 1 and 4 months using a routine(More)
  • Stephen Anderson, Bob Frank, Jelena Krivokapi, Maria Pinãngo, Wee Lian, Hee +4 others
  • 2010
Several factors coincide to make the interaction of frequency, morphology and prosody particularly visible in Singaporean English (SgEng). Segmentation of prosodic words (pwords) is unusually explicit: glottal stops consistently appear at vowel-initial pword left edges, while surface tone assignment is both stress-dependent and sensitive to pword right(More)
OBJECTIVE School-associated firearm violence among children and adolescents is a national public concern. The objective of this study was to determine the accessibility of firearms, methods of firearm access and firearm safety knowledge among middle and high school students in Orange County, California. METHODS After permission from school officials and(More)
1 Cheryl Zoll, for discussions and/or constructive criticisms on previous versions of this paper. Special thanks to Luigi Burzio for providing detailed comments on previous drafts. The usual disclaimers apply. This paper is a revised version of a chapter from my forthcoming doctoral dissertation, " The Articulatory Basis of Locality in Phonology " .
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