Stephen Abreu

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We have examined the distribution of calcium in Neurospora crassa and investigated the role of four predicted calcium transport proteins. The results of cell fractionation experiments showed 4% of cellular calcium in mitochondria, approximately 11% in a dense vacuolar fraction, 40% in an insoluble form that copurifies with microsomes, and 40% in a(More)
Examination of rat hepatic cell lines has revealed a correlation between the differentiated state of the cells and the gap junctional proteins, or connexins, they express. The cell lines RLC (Gershenson et al, 1970) and FTO.2B (Killary et al, 1984) were examined and compared to primary adult hepatocytes for expression of fetal and adult hepatic antigens(More)
The pmr gene is predicted to encode a Ca(2+)-ATPase in the secretory pathway. We examined two strains of Neurospora crassa that lacked PMR: the Δpmr strain, in which pmr was completely deleted, and pmr(RIP), in which the gene was extensively mutated. Both strains had identical, complex phenotypes. Compared to the wild type, these strains required high(More)
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