Stephen Abbott

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BACKGROUND In England, there are particularly pressing problems concerning access to adequate primary care services. Consequently, innovative ways of delivering primary care have been introduced to facilitate and broaden access. AIMS The aim of this study was to review the evidence of seven recent innovations in service provision to improve access or(More)
It is not uncommon for welfare benefits advice organisations to offer services in primary care settings. Given the link between deprivation and poor health, the maximising of individual income in this way may also be expected to improve health. However, such improvement has hitherto not been successfully measured. This paper reports on a small study of such(More)
Social capital is widely considered to influence health. It is usually defined as a list of components such as social networks, social participation, trust and reciprocity. It is trust and reciprocity that are the subjects of this article. The presumed relationship of each with health is rarely explained in social capital studies. Trust is usually treated(More)
This paper summarizes the findings of the learning needs assessment described in this issue. Limitations and strengths are discussed. The paper describes a national, multi-sectoral, multidisciplinary picture. Our respondents may over-represent those with an interest in breastfeeding; if so, the true picture may be even more problematic than described here.(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the views of primary care staff about delivering services to the local Bangladeshi community. STUDY DESIGN Qualitative case study. METHODS Six focus groups, each with a different healthcare profession: speech and language therapists; child development team; health advocacy team; salaried general practitioners; school nurses; and(More)
There is considerable interest among organisations such as primary care trusts and health action zones in commissioning welfare benefits advice services in primary healthcare settings as part of local strategies to reduce health inequalities. However, very little is known about the contribution to health of such services or about the health status of those(More)
The inferior colliculus is a central auditory structure which serves as a site for the integration of ascending and descending auditory information. Changes in central auditory structures may occur with acoustic exposure, which cannot be explained by alterations in cochlear function alone. Rats were exposed to a 10-kHz tone at 100 dB SPL for 9 h. Auditory(More)
City and Hackney Teaching Primary Care Trust has introduced mandatory clinical supervision for all front-line nursing staff (district nurses, health visitors, school nurses, staff nurses, health care assistants). A group model is used, with sessions occurring monthly and lasting 90 minutes. Groups include a mixture of qualified and unqualified staff. The(More)
There is increasing provision of welfare benefits advice in primary care (WBAPC). This reflects the present government's recognition of the association between socioeconomic and health inequalities. However, the assumption that increasing an individual's income will improve their health is not based on clear evidence. This paper reviews the relevant(More)