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BACKGROUND Acetabular dysplasia is a major predisposing factor for development of hip osteoarthritis (OA), and may result from alterations to chondrolabral loading. Subject-specific finite element (FE) modeling can be used to evaluate chondrolabral mechanics in the dysplastic hip, thereby providing insight into mechanics that precede OA. OBJECTIVE To(More)
—Tfds paper explores, experimentally and theoretically, the problem of minimizing second-and third-order intermodulation distortion in diode mixers. A numerical technique is presented which can be used to cakulate internrodulation levels with unprecedented accuracy, and it is used to identify circuit and diode parameters which maximize dynamic range. It is(More)
Abstruct-The line-reflect-match calibration is enhanced to accommodate imperfect match standards and lossy lines typical of monolithic microwave integrated circuits. We characterize the match and line standards using an additional line standard of moderate length. The new method provides a practical means of obtaining accurate, wideband calibrations with(More)
Afrstract-This paper describes a practical realization of a mixer that achieves low intermodulation distortion by using the channel resistance of a GaAs MESFET to provide mixing and achieves even-order spurious response rejection through the use of a doubly balanced structure. Very good results were achieved in terms of second-and third-harmonic levels of(More)
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