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We evaluated the effects of maternal administration of vitamin A acetate on pup development and behavior. Vitamin A acetate was administered by oral gavage to pregnant rats (N = 10/treatment) on gestation days 6-19 at doses of 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000 I.U./kg/day. Male and female pups from dams that received 100,000 I.U./kg/day showed a significantly(More)
Compounds that interact with opioid receptors are commonly used as analgesics. Opioid agonists vary in their potency and pharmacokinetic properties as well as in their affinity for distinct opioid receptors. The fentanyl opiate analogues are an important group of analgesics that interact with the mu opioid receptor. Remifentanil (GI87084) is a particularly(More)
Laboratory rabbits were exposed for 60 min to aerosols of dry cardroom cotton dust 4 days/wk (Tuesday through Friday) for 15 consecutive weeks. As a parameter of pulmonary pathophysiology, arterial blood gases were monitored with time after challenge. Post-exposure blood gas analyses at 1 hr showed progressive decreases in arterial oxygen tension, with(More)
A computerized system was designed for behavioral teratology studies to (1) generate preprinted data recording/submission forms, (2) calculate testing dates, (3) generate a daily activity schedule for testing, and (4) update established data sets for access by data entry personnel. The computer-generated forms are used to record data from the following(More)
The pathology of malignant hypertension in dogs induced either purposely or inadvertently by the Goldblatt procedure has not been previously reported. Malignant hypertension was experimentally produced in beagle dogs by a modified Goldblatt procedure; in a single surgical procedure, one kidney was removed and the blood flow to the remaining kidney was(More)