Stephen A. Joyce

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Realism in computer graphics typically requires using 24 or more bits/pixel to generate an image. This paper describes a method developed by the authors called "Color Cell Compression" or "CCC" that preserves at least a limited animation and local update capability yet yields extraordinary-looking color images in approximately two bits/pixel independent of(More)
Lignocellulosic biomass offers economic and environmental advantages over corn starch for biofuels production. However, its fractionation currently requires energy-intensive pretreatments, due to the lignin chemical resistance and complex cell wall structure. Recently, ionic liquids have been used to dissolve biomass at high temperatures. In this study,(More)
This study examined the effects of using a multidisciplinary, integrated, whole-person, team advocate approach to educate and empower participants with multiple chronic illnesses and coordinate, monitor, and support their health care process. Individuals (N = 39) from Midwest hospitals participated and completed self-report instruments. Changes in(More)
Fifty-eight growth hormone (hGH) deficient adults who had received long-term hGH therapy and their families were contacted to assess their past and current status regarding peer relationships, educational and vocational achievements, and self-concepts. Both heterosexual and same-sex peer relationships were reported as troublesome; most reported problems(More)
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