Stephen A. Hackney

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One dimensional magnetic photonic crystals (1D-MPC) are promising structures for integrated optical isolator applications. Rare earth substituted garnet thin films with proper Faraday rotation are required to fabricate planar 1D-MPCs. In this thesis, flat-top response 1D-MPC was proposed and spectral responses and Faraday rotation were modeled. Bismuth(More)
Several unusual forms of natural graphite from an alkaline pegmatite that crosscuts rischorrite in the Hackman Valley, Khibiny Massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia are described. The graphite occurs macroscopically in two forms: as spherical aggregates up to 2 cm in diameter of friable, radially-aligned fibers ~20 µm in cross section, and as fine-grained surface(More)
With increasing demands for performance by embedded systems, especially by digital signal processing (DSP) applications, embedded processors must increase available instruction-level parallelism (ILP) within significant constraints on power consumption and chip cost. Unfortunately, supporting a large amount of ILP on a processor while maintaining a single(More)
T To my family. Figure 1.1 Schematic response of polarization as a function of electric filed for (a) paraelectric phase and (b) ferroelectric phase.. Figure 2.1 (a) Grain structure and (b) phase morphology of particulate composite. Figure 2.2 Grain structure and phase morphology of a polymer matrix composite, visualized in a simulation cell with periodic(More)
Figure 7.2 – Thermal (above) and radiance (below) predictions of a Patria military vehicle using measured thermal properties of a steel/HDPE stackup as armor .. () ()dx x c c L G L ∫ + − = 0 0 0 / 2 θ γ α (2.1) 0) () (T x T x − = θ (2.2) T k t T c p 2 ∇ = ∂ ∂ ρ (4.1) ' ' env q T k = ∇ − (4.2)) (2) ' (1 2 1 ' ' 1 1 1 , 1 T T x k q t T T c x front p − ∆ + = ∆(More)
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