Stephen A. Gilbert

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We present a new systematic method of structuring information using mental models. This method can be used both to evaluate the efficiency of an information structure and to build user-centered information structures. In this paper we present the method using Boston tourist attractions as an example domain. We describe several interfaces that take advantage(More)
In reflecting on a recent emphasis on self-directed learning using game-based simulations and virtual worlds, the authors considered key challenges in transforming serious games and virtual worlds into adaptive training tools. This article reflects specifically on the challenges and potential of cognitive modeling techniques for game-based tutors and game(More)
iv CHAPTER 1. GENERAL INTRODUCTION 1 Dissertation Organization 3 References 4 CHAPTER 2. CONCEPTUALIZING AFFORDANCES FROM A COGNITIVE VIEWPOINT 5 Abstract 5 Introduction 5 Overview of Article 5 Why Consider Affordances? 6 The Original Meaning of Affordance 7 Different Theoretical Views of Affordance 9 Our Perspective and Motivation 10 A Cognitive System(More)
Baseplate is a multi‐touch application that leverages the advantages of collaboration in a multi‐ touch environment. Users can build structures from basic building blocks and have the option to collaborate across multi‐touch devices in order to complete a building task. The application incorporates the use of innovative gestures and accelerometer‐based(More)
Volume-rendered medical images afford medical professionals increased information to provide their patients with more advanced diagnoses than previously allowed with 2D slices. Three-dimensional (3D) images enable a noninvasive depiction of a patient’s body, which a surgeon would expect to see during an invasive surgery. These generated 3D representations(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study is to compare the incidence of acute renal injury (ARI) in patients on intermittent infusion to extended infusion piperacillin/tazobactam. METHODS Data was collected for the intermittent infusion group from November 2010 to December 2010 until 100 patients were enrolled. The data was then compared to 100 patients in the(More)
Institutions of higher education are being called upon to provide a more robust pathway to a college degree and improve upon the advanced workforce for the needs of the 21 st century. As 21 st century skills call for an employee to successfully work collaboratively in groups, an increase in technology adoption, globalization and increased competition are(More)
Previously I designed and built an interface with the purpose of augmenting decision making within a particular curricular decision making context. The present study explores the usability of the newly created cognitive tool through analyzing its impact upon facilitating decision making. The introduction discusses how different types of cognitive tools(More)