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Liaison mental health care has been an emerging specialism of mental health nursing in the UK since the early 1990s. Studies have so far looked only briefly at service user evaluation. A qualitative study involving 47 interviews with service user and professional stakeholders was undertaken to determine what is important to stakeholders in a liaison mental(More)
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This is the second in a series of papers presenting results from the SCUBA Local Universe Galaxy Survey. In our first paper we provided 850µm flux densities for 104 galaxies selected from the IRAS Bright Galaxy Sample and we found that the 60, 100µm (IRAS) and 850µm (SCUBA) fluxes could be adequately fitted by emission from dust at a single temperature. In(More)
We measure the radio luminosity function (RLF) of steep-spectrum radio sources using three redshift surveys of flux-limited samples selected at low (151 & 178 MHz) radio frequency, low–frequency source counts and the local RLF. The redshift surveys used are the new 7C Redshift Survey (7CRS) and the brighter 3CRR and 6CE surveys totalling 356 sources with(More)
The Herschel ATLAS is the largest open-time key project that will be carried out on the Herschel Space Observatory. It will survey 510 square degrees of the extragalactic sky, four times larger than all the other Herschel surveys combined, in five far-infrared and submillimetre bands. We describe the survey, the complementary multi-wavelength datasets that(More)
On five K ′-band (2.1µm) Omega camera images, covering a total of 162.2 arcmin 2 to a completeness limit K ′ ≃ 19.5, we investigate (i) the clustering environment of a sample of 5 radio galaxies at 0.7 ≤ z ≤ 0.8 and (ii) the galaxy angular correlation function, ω(θ). Applying two methods – counting galaxies within 1.5 arcmin of each radio galaxy, and using(More)
Very little research evidence is available regarding current safety and security procedures on acute psychiatric wards. This includes controversial areas such as the temporary removal of personal property, the searching of patients and visitors, the use of alarms and modern technology, and locking of entrances to regulate those entering and leaving. This is(More)
A census of metals at high and low redshift and the connection between submillimetre sources and spheroid formation. ABSTRACT Deep surveys in many wavebands have shown that the rate at which stars were forming was at least a factor of 10 higher at redshifts > 1 than today. Heavy elements ('metals') are produced by stars, and the star formation history(More)