Stephen A. Bernhardt

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Chromosomal inversions are prevalent in mosquito species but polytene chromosomes are difficult to prepare and visualize in members of the tribe Aedinii and thus there exists only indirect evidence of inversions. We constructed an F(1) intercross family using a P(1) female from a laboratory strain of Aedes aegypti aegypti (Aaa) and a P(1) male Aedes aegypti(More)
The physical fact of the text, with its spatial appearance on the page, requires visual apprehension: a text can be seen, must be seen, in a process which is essentially different from the perception of speech. The written mode necessitates the arrangement of script or typeface, a process which gives visual cues to the verbal organization of the text. We(More)
A portion of the Aedes aegypti mitochondrial NADH dehydrogenase subunit 4 gene (ND4) was amplified using PCR with a 42 degrees C annealing temperature. Amplified fragments from individual mosquitoes were similar to ND4 but contained multiple segregating sites. We suspected that nuclear copies of mitochondrial origin (NUMTs) exist in the Ae. aegypti genome.(More)
Carbamoyl phosphate is required for arginine and pyrimidine synthesis. In the arginine pathway, it is used in the ornithine transcarbamoylase (EC reaction; in the pyrimidine pathway, it is used in the aspartate transcarbamoylase (EC reaction. In Neurospora crassa, two pathway-specific enzymes catalyze the synthesis of carbamoyl phosphate,(More)
Approach Increase Student Achievement? teaching styles (teacher-centered instruction versus student-centered instruction) and examined whether teaching. I believe that student-centered learning arose in reaction to this scenario. Students who went It's a blend of both Teacher-and Student-centered approaches. Others argue that learner-centered is idealistic,(More)
It is a rare pleasure in academic publishing to have a piece noticed, discussed, and in this instance reprinted. Even rarer is to have a piece written for an academic audience gather attention from people in industry. So often, writing for academic journals is like shooting fireworks. If things go well, there is a brief flash, perhaps some oohs and ahs, and(More)
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