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This thesis seeks to address the problem of building things with behavior and character. By things we mean autonomous animated creatures or intelligent physical devices. By behavior we mean that they display the rich level of behavior found in animals. By character we mean that the viewer should "know" what they are "feeling" and what they are likely to do(More)
In research about the Internet, too much attention is paid to its ability to provide access to information. This thesis argues that the Internet can be used not just as a conduit for information, but as a context for learning through community-supported collaborative construction. A ÒconstructionistÓ approach to use of the Internet makes particularly good(More)
A room may be used for a wide variety of performances and presentations. Each use places different acoustical requirements on the room. We desire a method of electronically controlling the acoustical properties of a room so that one physical space can accommodate various uses. A virtual acoustic room is a room equipped with speakers, microphones and signal(More)
3-D audio systems, which can surround a listener with sounds at arbitrary locations, are an important part of immersive interfaces. A new approach is presented for implementing 3-D audio using a pair of conventional loudspeakers. The new idea is to use the tracked position of the listener's head to optimize the acoustical presentation, and thus produce a(More)
The problem of extracting sources from a mix of these has been extensively addressed by a lot of research. In this thesis the problem is being considered in the sonic domain using algorithms that employ information theoretic techniques. Basic source separation algorithms that deal with instantaneous mixtures are introduced and are enhanced to deal with the(More)
This thesis defines Just-In-Time Information Retrieval agents (JITIRs): a class of software agents that proactively present potentially valuable information based on a person's local context in an easily accessible yet non-intrusive manner. The research described experimentally demonstrates that such systems encourage the viewing and use of information that(More)
Current human-computer interface design is dominated by the graphical user interface approach, where users interact with graphical abstractions of virtual interface devices through a few general-purpose input " peripherals. " The thesis develops models and mechanisms for " tangible user interfaces " – user interfaces which use physical objects, instruments,(More)
There is a class of sounds that is often overlooked, like the sound of a crowd or the rain. We refer to such sounds with constant long term characteristics as Sound Textures (ST). This thesis describes aspects of the human perception and machine processing of sound textures. Most people are not adept at putting words on auditory impressions , but they cm(More)