Stephanus Büttgenbach

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Beside a quantity of well-known positive characteristics parallel robots also obtain a couple of negative properties limiting their efficient use in certain application areas nowadays. Additional sensors integrated in the passive joints provide the possibility to overcome several of these limitations simultaneously thus leading towards an increasing overall(More)
A laser technology for fabricating microelectromechanical components has been developed. Using a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with optional frequency doubling, bulk silicon wafers, silicon membranes, and thin-films deposited on different substrates are micromachined without using lithography-based technologies. Applications are for example rapid prototyping or(More)
This paper introduces the synchronous micromotor concept and presents new investigations on its application as an integrated driving mechanism in microfluidic systems. A spiral channel viscous micropump and a microstirrer are considered and tested as examples to verify the concept. The fabrication technology of such integrated systems is based on UV depth(More)
Compact poly(dimethylsiloxane)-based (PDMS) multiple internal reflection systems which comprise self-alignment systems, lenses, microfluidic channels and mirrors have been developed for highly sensitive absorbance measurements. With the proper definition of air mirrors at both sides of the sensing region, the optical path of the light from the LED has been(More)
This work presents a multiparametric system capable of characterizing and classifying white wines according to the grape variety and geographical origin. Besides, it quantifies specific parameters of interest for quality control in wine. The system, known as a hybrid electronic tongue, consists of an array of electrochemical microsensors-six ISFET based(More)
We present the fabrication and characteristics of monolithically integrated ink dyed poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) filters for optical sensing in disposable lab-on-a-chip. This represents a migration of auxillary functions onto the disposable chip with the goal of producing truly portable systems. Filters made from commercially available ink (Pelikan)(More)
This paper presents two PDMS photonic biosensor designs that can be used for continuous monitoring of glucose concentrations. The first design, the internally immobilized sensor, consists of a reactor chamber, micro-lenses and self-alignment structures for fiber optics positioning. This sensor design allows optical detection of glucose concentrations under(More)
This work reports on diverse technologies implemented for fabricating microfluidic devices such as biomedical micro sensors, micro pumps, bioreactors and micro separators. UV depth lithography and soft lithography were applied in the fabrication processes using different materials, for example SU-8, polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), silicon, glass and ceramics.(More)
In this contribution, we report on different miniaturized bulk micro machined three-axes piezoresistive force sensors for nanopositioning and nanomeasuring machine (NPMM). Various boss membrane structures, such as one boss full/cross, five boss full/cross and swastika membranes, were used as a basic structure for the force sensors. All designs have 16(More)