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SUMMARY The purpose of our study was to analyze the outcome of symptomatic radionecrosis following stereotactic radiosurgery for brain arteriovenous malformations. Of 225 patients treated by linear accelerator radiosurgery for brain AVM, 16 (7,1%) presented post-radiosurgery symptomatic radionecrosis on a mean follow-up period of 50 months (range 1-123(More)
The immediate and long-term outcomes, complications, recurrences and the need for retreatment were analyzed in a series of 280 consecutive patients with anterior communicating artery aneurysms treated with the endovascular technique. From October 1992 to October 2001 280 patients with 282 anterior communicating artery aneurysms were addressed to our center.(More)
This study aimed to relate growth of the infarct core with time to recanalization in patients receiving mechanical recanalization in whom the time of recanalization is known. We analyzed data from patients with anterior circulation acute ischemic stroke who underwent mechanical recanalization. Demographic and angiographic characteristics, initial apparent(More)
Thrombotic and embolic vascular occlusion represents a leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Currently available thrombectomy devices have limitations, including difficulty removing organized thrombus and clot fragmentation with distal embolization. A novel mechanical thrombectomy device (MTD), designed to remove both hard and soft thrombus without(More)
Medical risk management has one main purpose: to ensure the safety of care. The law of March 2002 has generated a true cultural revolution. The radiologist is involved with new and difficult areas of medical liability due to technical advances, the increasing number of imaging techniques, the increasing complexity of imaging techniques, their efficiency and(More)
OBJECTIVE Basilar perforator aneurysms (BPAs) are rare lesions that present a therapeutic challenge. We present 4 cases of ruptured BPAs treated either conservatively or by flow diverter deployment and review the literature. METHODS Patients (age 78, 59, 53, and 62 years) presented with World Federation of Neurological Societies grade I-IV and Fisher(More)
Background Preoperative meningioma embolization may be performed with microparticles or liquid embolic agents. The pressure cooker technique (PCT) has recently been described for the embolization of brain arteriovenous malformations (AVMs). Case We present the case of a 73-year-old woman with a large frontal interhemispheric meningioma that was successfully(More)
BACKGROUND Endovascular treatment of aneurysms with coils is among the most frequent treatments in interventional neuroradiology, and represents an important expense. Each manufacturer has created several types of coils, with prices varying among brands and coil types. The objective of this study was to assess the impact of cost awareness of the exact price(More)
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