Stephano Buono

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We performed full modeling analysis of 5-HT(1A)-[(18)F]MPPF interactions using the beta-microprobe (beta P) and a YAP-(S)PET scanner. Sixteen Wistar rats were used for beta P (n=5) and YAP-(S)PET (n=5) acquisitions and metabolite studies (n=6). Time-concentration curves were obtained in the hippocampus, raphe dorsalis, frontal cortex and cerebellum, using(More)
The EEG findings in 40 shunted hydrocephalic patients tested after the onset of epileptic seizures are assessed. The salient point to emerge from the study is the higher frequency of anomalies, both specific (spikes, slow spikes, spike and wave complexes) and nonspecific (monomorphic and polymorphic slow waves) on the shunted hemisphere (19 cases) than on(More)
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