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To investigate the predictive capacity of the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) as a biomarker of radiation response in brain metastases. Seventy brain metastases from 42 patients treated with either stereotactic radiosurgery or whole brain radiotherapy were imaged at baseline, 1 week, and 1 month post-treatment using diffusion-weighted MRI. Mean and(More)
Previous studies using high-frequency ultrasound have suggested that radiofrequency (RF) spectral analysis can be used to quantify changes in cell morphology to detect cell death response to therapy non-invasively. The study here investigated this at conventional-frequencies, frequently used in clinical settings. Spectral analysis was performed using(More)
PURPOSE It is now recognized that the tumor vasculature is in part responsible for regulating tumor responses to radiation therapy. However, the extent to which radiation-based vascular damage contributes to tumor cell death remains unknown. In this work, quantitative ultrasound spectroscopy (QUS) methods were used to investigate the acute responses of(More)
A hydroxypyridinone building block, bifunctionalized with thiazoline, has been prepared from orthogonally protected 2-(3-(benzyloxy)-4-(ethoxycarbonyl)-6-methyl-2-oxopyridin-1(2H)-yl) acetic acid. The reactivity of the dithiazolide has been explored with two primary amines, leading to the synthesis and characterization of four new hexadentate ligands. Their(More)
BACKGROUND Psychodermatology focuses on the interaction between skin and mental health. Existing research discusses the recognition and treatment of these disorders. However, little is known about the operational structure of subspecialised psychodermatology clinics. OBJECTIVE To identify literature on the structure and logistics of delivering a(More)
Natural language provides a widely accessible and expressive interface for robotic agents. To understand language in complex environments, agents must reason about the full range of language inputs and their correspondence to the world. For example, consider the scenario and instruction in Figure 1. To execute the instruction, the robot must identify the(More)
PURPOSE To determine a threshold of vertebral body (VB) osteolytic or osteoblastic tumor involvement that would predict vertebral compression fracture (VCF) risk after stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT), using volumetric image-segmentation software. METHODS AND MATERIALS A computational semiautomated skeletal metastasis segmentation process(More)
I had arrived a few minutes before clinic and was looking through the panoramic windows of the hospital’s newest wing. Staring at the expanse before me, I recognized a solitary attic window. It was a familiar sight because I had spent my childhood in that attic, living with my parents and often visited by the rats and roaches, our unwanted guests. Growing(More)
There are currently several reputable guidelines on the treatment of actinic keratosis (AK) from groups in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe. These recommendations, based on evidence or expert consensus, offer clinicians a variety of treatment options for the different clinical presentations of AKs. Although the guidelines are similar in some regards,(More)
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