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We present the results of an 8-week pilot study with 55 dogs investigating whether using quantimetric monitors and a companion smartphone application can reduce returns and increase the perceived strength of bonds between newly adopted dogs from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley and their adopters. Through this pilot study, we developed guidelines for(More)
In this Article, Professor Richard Lazarus examines the votes of the individual Justices who have decided environmental law cases before the United States Supreme Court during the past three decades. The Article reports on a number of interesting statistics regarding the identity of those Justices who have most influenced the Court's environmental law(More)
This Article advocates that financial regulators analyze, measure, and take into account the emotional impacts of their policie s and procedures. Examples of emotional impacts are investor confidence, process concerns, and overall market or social mood. Investor confidence or trust in securities markets, process concerns about how much securities regulators(More)
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