Stephanie T. Lawry

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New antifungal drugs are urgently needed due to the currently limited selection, the emergence of drug resistance, and the toxicity of several commonly used drugs. To identify drug leads, we screened small molecules using a Saccharomyces cerevisiae reporter bioassay in which S. cerevisiae heterologously expresses Hik1, a group III hybrid histidine kinase(More)
Chromatin is generally classified as euchromatin or heterochromatin, each with distinct histone modifications, compaction levels, and gene expression patterns. Although the proper formation of heterochromatin is essential for maintaining genome integrity and regulating gene expression, heterochromatin can also spread into neighboring regions in a(More)
Although the zebrafish is a major model organism, how they determine sex is not well understood. In domesticated zebrafish, sex determination appears to be polygenic, being influenced by multiple genetic factors that may vary from strain to strain, and additionally can be influenced by environmental factors. However, the requirement of germ cells for female(More)
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