Stephanie Stahl

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This research evaluates the effect of customer relationship management (CRM) on customer knowledge and customer satisfaction. An analysis of archival data for a cross-section of U.S. firms shows that the use of CRM applications is positively associated with improved customer knowledge and improved customer satisfaction. This article also shows that gains in(More)
The decomposition of an asymmetric proximity matrix into its symmetric and skew-symmetric components is a well-known principle in combinatorial data analysis. The seriation of the skew-symmetric component can emphasize information corresponding to the sign or absolute magnitude of the matrix elements, and the choice of objective criterion can have a(More)
The kappa coefficient is one of the most widely used measures for evaluating the agreement between two raters asked to assign N objects to one of K nominal categories. Weighted versions of kappa enable partial credit to be awarded for near agreement, most notably in the case of ordinal categories. An exact significance test for weighted kappa can be(More)
A common criterion for seriation of asymmetric matrices is the maximization of the dominance index, which sums the elements above the main diagonal of a reordered matrix. Similarly, a popular seriation criterion for symmetric matrices is the maximization of an anti-Robinson gradient index, which is associated with the patterning of elements in the rows and(More)
Please do not cite, quote, or distribute without permission of the authors. Acknowledgements: We are grateful to InformationWeek for providing the necessary salary data for this research. In particular, we would like to thank for sharing their insights and for their valuable support. We thank Narayan Ramasubbu for going through the manuscript carefully and(More)
Acknowledgements: We thank Department Editor, Associate Editor, anonymous referees of Management Science and seminar participants at WISE 2002 and WISE 2003 for their comments and suggestions that helped us in improving this paper. We are grateful to InformationWeek for providing the necessary IT-investments data for this research. In particular, we would(More)
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