Stephanie Smale

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Little is known about the effectiveness of prevention and early intervention programs for young people and adolescents once they leave or dropout from school. The effectiveness of 18 anxiety and 26 depression studies addressing prevention in community programs were identified using systematic review methodology. Anxiety and depression symptoms were reduced(More)
Many instant messenger (IM) clients let a person specify the identifying name that appears in another person’s contact list. We have noticed that many people add extra information to this name as a way to broadcast information to their contacts. Twelve IM contact lists comprising 444 individuals were monitored over three weeks to observe how these(More)
We propose a natural image representation, the neural response, motivated by the neuroscience of the visual cortex. The inner product defined by the neural response leads to a similarity measure between functions which we call the derived kernel. Based on a hierarchical architecture, we give a recursive definition of the neural response and associated(More)
We develop a framework for the control of dynamical systems that we know very little about. From limited, high-dimensional data observations, we approximate the natural dynamics of the system and investigate the controllability of the identified equations. The linear discrete-time-invariant model identification is done using dynamic mode decomposition(More)
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