Stephanie Sinn

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49, XXXXY is a rare chromosomal syndrome due to double nondisjunction of the replicating X chromosome. Considered a severe variant of XXY or Klinefelter syndrome, boys with this chromosome constitution are assumed to have severe mental retardation (MR) in addition to craniofacial, genital, endocrine, and heart abnormalities. Here, we present a(More)
We evaluated the use of behavioral skills training (BST) to train caregivers to conduct procedures commonly associated with mand training. We trained two caregivers on the following procedures: (a) conducting preference assessments, (b) delivering preferred items contingent on appropriate behavior, (c) capturing and contriving motivating operations, (d)(More)
We evaluated 4 evidence-based interventions to increase compliance. Three children with autism who exhibited noncompliance when asked to relinquish a preferred toy were exposed sequentially to interventions that included a reduction in response effort, differential reinforcement, and guided compliance. Results indicated that effort reduction alone was(More)
Increases of the leucine aminopeptidase according to data of literature are regarded as a sensitive parameter of lesions in liver diseases. In patients with active generalised lymphadenitis (viral infections, toxoplasmosis) as a typical enzyme constellation a relatively strong leucine aminopeptidase increase in the serum with missing or relatively slight(More)
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