Stephanie Schaefer-Ramadan

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Augmenter of liver regeneration is a member of the ERV family of small flavin-dependent sulfhydryl oxidases that contain a redox-active CxxC disulfide bond in redox communication with the isoalloxazine ring of bound FAD. These enzymes catalyze the oxidation of thiol substrates with the reduction of molecular oxygen to hydrogen peroxide. This work studies(More)
Augmenter of liver regeneration (sfALR) is a small disulfide-bridged homodimeric flavoprotein with sulfhydryl oxidase activity. Here, we investigate the catalytic and spectroscopic consequences of selectively replacing C145 by a selenocysteine to complement earlier studies in which random substitution of ∼90% of the 6 cysteine residues per sfALR monomer was(More)
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