Stephanie S. Gretz

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STUDY DESIGN In a randomized, double-blind study, two dosage strengths of botulinum toxin type A were compared with normal saline injected into symptomatic trigger points in the cervicothoracic paraspinal muscles. OBJECTIVES To compare the effect of botulinum toxin type A injections with that of normal saline to determine the former's usefulness in the(More)
OBJECTIVE This research established test-retest reliability and construct validity for the Neck Pain and Disability Scale (NPAD). METHODS Two groups of patients with neck pain completed the NPAD. The first group filled out the scale twice before treatment, whereas the second completed it with a number of other outcome measures once a month for 4 months,(More)
A clinical study tested the therapeutic efficacy of Botulinum toxin A (BTXA) when injected into symptomatic neck muscles after one injection session. Patients with chronic neck pain were randomly assigned to receive either a high dose of an active treatment or an injection of the same volume of normal saline. Patients were compared for 4 months using a(More)
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