Stephanie Richter

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A fundamental question in animal communication is whether the information provided is honest or deceptive [1, 2]. This problem has received much attention, both in theoretical [1, 3] and experimental [4] work. Here we show that male Atlantic mollies (Poecilia mexicana), when observed during mate choice by another male, reduce their mating activity and no(More)
BACKGROUND Salvage radical prostatectomy (SRP) for radiorecurrent prostate cancer (PCa) is a second local treatment with curative intent in patients with true organ-confined recurrent PCa. OBJECTIVE We evaluated preoperative prognostic risk factors to predict organ-confined, locally recurrent PCa after primary radiotherapy (RT). DESIGN, SETTING, AND(More)
Individuals providing misleading information to conspecifics may benefit from deception at the receiver's expense. A recent study (Plath et al., Curr Biol 18:1138–1141, 2008c) suggested that male Atlantic mollies (Poecilia mexicana) deceive rival males about their preferred mate. Here, we contrasted potentially deceptive behavior in surface-dwelling P.(More)
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