Stephanie Rebensburg

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Global HIV-1 treatment would benefit greatly from safe herbal medicines with scientifically validated novel anti-HIV-1 activities. The root extract from the medicinal plant Pelargonium sidoides (PS) is licensed in Germany as the herbal medicine EPs®7630, with numerous clinical trials supporting its safety in humans. Here we provide evidence from multiple(More)
Novel therapeutic options are urgently needed to improve global treatment of virus infections. Herbal products with confirmed clinical safety features are attractive starting material for the identification of new antiviral activities. Here we demonstrate that Cistus incanus (Ci) herbal products inhibit human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infections in(More)
Using a subtile examination technique genuine information can be obtained from the interior of a gallstone--at least to a depth of 15 mm. This information should provide an indication of the homogeneous (crystalline) or inhomogeneous (non-cholesterol) structure of the stone. Further systematic use of differentiating gallstone ultrasonography could become a(More)
INTRODUCTION Restriction factors (RFs) suppress HIV-1 in cell lines and primary cell models. Hence, RFs might be attractive targets for novel antiviral strategies, but their importance for virus control in vivo is controversial. METHODS We profiled the expression of RFs in primary blood-derived mononuclear cells (PBMC) from therapy-naïve HIV-1 patients(More)
Ultrasound is an indispensable tool for preliminary diagnosis ("filter function"), during treatment ("monitoring function") and in the follow-up examinations ("follow-up function") after shock-wave lithotripsy of gallstones. It permits rapid and reliable assessment of the therapeutic outcome and early identification of complications, which present-day(More)
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