Stephanie R Fiedler

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Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) is one of the most common severe congenital heart malformations. Great progress has been made in identifying key genes that regulate heart development, yet approximately 70% of TOF cases are sporadic and nonsyndromic with no known genetic cause. We created an ultra high-resolution gene centric comparative genomic hybridization(More)
We report the syntheses, characterisations, and spin state behaviours of salts of the tripodal-ligated Fe(II) complex [FeL(6-OH)]X(2) (L(6-OH) = tris{4-[(6-methanol)-2-pyridyl]-3-aza-3-butenyl}amine, X = OTf(-) (1), Br(-) (2), I(-) (3), BPh(4)(-) (4)). Covalent linking of the ligand arms is imperative as a high-spin bis(tridentate) complex (5) is formed(More)
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