Stephanie Röper

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The distribution of water within the supramolecular structure of collagen fibrils is important for understanding their mechanical properties as well as the biomineralization processes in collagen-based tissues. We study the influence of water on the shape and the mechanical properties of reconstituted fibrils of type I collagen on the nanometer scale.(More)
Using atomic force microscopy, we monitored the nanoscale surface morphology of human teeth at the dentin-enamel junction after performing successive demineralization steps with an acidic soft drink. Subsequently, we studied the remineralization process with a paste containing calcium and phosphate ions. Repeated atomic force microscopy imaging of the same(More)
An approach for automated nanotomography, a layer-by-layer imaging technique based on scanning probe microscopy (SPM), is presented. Stepwise etching and imaging is done in situ in a liquid cell of an SPM. The flow of etching and rinsing solutions after each etching step is controlled with solenoid valves which allow for an automated measuring protocol. The(More)
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