Stephanie Poisson

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—On the basis of a reference model for ADSL traffic on an IP backbone link, established in an earlier study, we show in this paper that it is possible to infer the characteristics of long flows by performing a deter-ministic 1/N packet sampling. By using the fact that the number of active long flows can be represented by means of the number of customers in(More)
— Natural language processing systems are increasingly integrating lexicons with ontologies for word sense disambiguation (WSD). Manually acquiring a lexicon that is integrated with a large ontology and other semantic resources can be difficult and inefficient in part due to the complexity of ontologies and inconsistency of entity extractors supporting WSD(More)
Natural language processing systems are increasingly using ontologies and other large-scale semantic resources to support Verb Sense Disambiguation (VSD) and other applications. One of the ways in which these resources can be used is to identify the selectional restrictions on verb arguments needed for sense distinction. However, manually navigating such(More)
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