Stephanie Poindexter

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It is well recognized that the genetic variants VKORC1-1639, CYP2C9*2, and CYP2C9*3 contribute to warfarin dose response. This has led to warfarin dosing algorithms that include these polymorphisms and explains between 47% and 56% of variability in dose in Caucasians. However, these polymorphisms explain significantly less of the variance in dose among(More)
La Crosse virus (LACV) is a mosquito-borne virus and a major cause of pediatric encephalitis in the USA. La Crosse virus emerged in Tennessee and other states in the Appalachian region in 1997. We investigated LACV infection rates and seasonal abundances of the native mosquito vector, Aedes triseriatus, and 2 recently introduced mosquito species, Ae.(More)
West Nile virus (WNV) and Flanders virus (FLAV) can cocirculate in Culex mosquitoes in parts of North America. A large dataset of mosquito pools tested for WNV and FLAV was queried to understand the spatiotemporal relationship between these two viruses in Shelby County, TN. We found strong evidence of global clustering (i.e., spatial autocorrelation) and(More)
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