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The incorrigible social meaning of video game imagery
In this paper, I consider a particular amoralist challenge against those who would morally criticize our single-player video play, viz., “come on, it’s only a game!” The amoralist challenge withExpand
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Pornography, ethics, and video games
In a recent and provocative essay, Christopher Bartel attempts to resolve the gamer’s dilemma. The dilemma, formulated by Morgan Luck, goes as follows: there is no principled distinction betweenExpand
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Monstrous Thoughts and the Moral Identity Thesis
We often find ourselves deep in moral conversations about artworks in which we willfully subject them to moral evaluation. We claim that the endorsement of racism in Birth of a Nation is repugnant,Expand
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Moral Vices as Artistic Virtues: Eugene Onegin and Alice
Moralists hold that art criticism can and should take stock of moral considerations. Though moralists disagree over the proper scope of ethical art criticism, they are unified in their acceptance ofExpand
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Against the Moralistic Fallacy: A Modest Defense of a Modest Sentimentalism about Humor
In a series of important papers, Justin D’Arms and Daniel Jacobson argue that all extant neo-sentimentalists are guilty of a conflation error that they call the moralistic fallacy. One commits theExpand
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Exclusivism and Evaluation
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Exclusivism and Evaluation: Art, Erotica and Pornography
Exclusivists maintain that art cannot be pornography. For example, Jerrold Levinson claims that ‘the extension of the term “pornographic art” is by definition the null set’ and that ‘pornographic artExpand
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Joking About Race and Ethnicity