Stephanie Pacella

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Recent research indicates that the origin of obesity and related metabolic disorders is not only caused by genetic and risk factors in adult life (unbalanced diet, insufficient physical activity) but also may be influenced by the perinatal environment. In addition, studies in animal models suggest that the mesenchymal stem cell commitment into(More)
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is characterized by irreversible and progressive loss of memory and cognition and profound neuronal loss. Current therapeutic strategies for the treatment of AD have been directed to a variety of targets with the aim of reversing or preventing the disease but, unfortunately, the available treatments often produce no significant(More)
PURPOSE In vitro studies have evidenced the cytotoxic effect of HEMA (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate), the most common component of dental resin-based restorative material, which is released within the oral cavity, on eukaryotic cells such as gingival fibroblast and epithelial cells. However, since the presence of microorganisms within the oral cavity cannot(More)
Alzheimer's Disease implies memory and cognitive impairment due to beta amyloid accumulation, presence of reactive microglia and astrocytes, loss of synapses, neural network dysfunctions and modifications of neuronal signalling. A key role in such events is played by astrocytes, which actively secrete high levels of beta amyloid protein originating from(More)
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