Stephanie Muir

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The biological basis for sex differences in brain function and disease susceptibility is poorly understood. Examining the role of gonadal hormones in brain sexual differentiation may provide important information about sex differences in neural health and development. Permanent masculinization of brain structure, function, and disease is induced by(More)
This paper summarizes the calibration monitoring activities of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) for the RADARSAT Program. The performance history of the RADARSAT-1 SAR since its commissioning in 1996 is reviewed, along with the calibration systems and methodologies used, in the context of the mission's thirteen-year calibration history. Independent image(More)
This paper examines the calibration activities assumed by the Canadian government within the RADARSAT program, from RADARSAT-1 commissioning in 1996 to the current period, more than one year into the RADARSAT-2 mission. Design, deployment and implementation of the RADARSAT-1 calibration plan and ground system are reviewed in the context of successor(More)
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